GCB bonus features

Benefits of registration
You can register Google Chrome Backup for only 3.49€. The bonus features you get including the old ones are:
  • Google Chrome bookmark export to HTML and CSV (backup)
  • Copy your bookmarks to Google Bookmarks service
  • Lock & unlock Google Chrome profiles with password
  • ...more features are in development and will be available soon, to update free of charge

Bookmarks manager. lock 1
Select form profile menu "Lock or Unlock profile" and protect it. lock 2
  • You need Google Chrome or Chromium installed on your computer, at least version
  • Internet connection
The screen above has the bonus features which you get if you register Google Chrome Backup. With this feature you can extract bookmarks from selected Google Chrome profile and export them to HTML or CSV with one click. If you want to upload your bookmarks from your browser then connect to your Google Bookmarks service (with your google credentials). Then click "Copy To" button and the upload process will start. You can also export bookmarks from Google Bookmark service to HTML or CSV (copy from Google Bookmarks service to Google Chrome is not available yet, but will be in the near future.

This is a screen shot of the quick preview of all bookmarks, either from your Google Chrome profile (local) or bookmarks from your Google Bookmarks account (online).

This is an example of the bookmarks exported to HTML.

This is an example of the bookmarks exported to CSV.