Syntmail Live Demo
Welcome to our live demo of Syntmail. Syntmail is a web service for e-mail validation and e-mail verification (syntax and mailbox availability). When users want to sign-up to your website, they usually enter an e-mail address on the registration form. If you don’t have the verification capability for customer’s e-mail then you can end up with a lot of “garbage” registrations in your database. But this is not the only benefit you get by using Syntmail. You will easily filter users that don’t want to enter their valid e-mail addresses. Your customers will also benefit from Syntmail as they type their e-mails to the text box at your registration form. If they type wrong e-mail the Syntmail will warn them if the syntax is wrong or mail box is not available at all. Syntmail can be integrated in many ways.

Below is a simple web form with some basic controls. Type e-mail address you want to validate to a text box and click "Validate" button or "ValidateEx" button to invoke web service. The difference is in returned results. Validate returns only "true" or "false", but ValidateEx also returns more information. This way you can get more info about e-mail address. You can parse the retrived data and manipulate it any way you like. To use this feature in your website, please register Syntmail.

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