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Monday, 18. May 2009
Today we released first version of Syntmail web service. It can be used as a standard SOAP web service and can be integrated into your project. Let us explain what Syntmail does for you. If you are building a website and you need some e-mail verification system that checks the validity of an e-mail, you are on the right spot! Syntmail can check e-mail syntax and validation of an e-mail address. What we mean by that is that Syntmail checks if the mailbox is actually active. Read more here and try it here. Then you can register and buy it here!.

We would also like to welcome you to comment Syntmail on our forum!


  • Easy integration to your website (it returns validation results, which can then be manipulated as you like it)
  • Secure web service access (use SSL to access web service, authentication check of each call)
  • Smart and optimized verification technique
  • Two methods for email verification available, normal and extendable
  • Database storage for internal operations, so there is no need for any additional database server (it uses SQLite database).
  • Very customizable (settings of web service can be set in web.config
  • You pay for it only once, no clicks count or yearly subscriptions!!!

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